Wendy Morton’s latest collection of poetry, Gumshoe, follows in the footsteps of her previous works, examining the joy, pain and pitfalls of life as a careful and thorough detective would.

“Poets are goofy. They find shadows, take pictures of shoes, wear glitter. Sing”
Under the microscope, everyday life in Gumshoe is distilled into lines of potent
meaning, bringing the facts of being into beautiful relief.
Morton — a private eye and a poet all rolled into one — takes care to remind us, through her prudent, simple and yet sparkling verse that “if you are still long enough, the world arrives at your door” (quoted from “Small Parachutes of Light”).
The reader is drawn in by the gentle humour and quiet dignity with which Morton surrounds her memories; her thoughts become our thoughts as we instinctively take to heart the truths of our day-to-day lives. Her poetry so skillfully explores themes of food, family, death, illness and social issues, managing to continuously bring home to the reader the feeling of shared experience.
Morton’s beautiful description of coping with cancer will bring tears and smiles to the reader’s face. Memories of parents are snapped like photographs, potently and expertly rendered into powerfully simple lines. We chuckle along over the sexual propensities and possibilities of an eggplant. Wherever in the world or in the mind the poetry takes us, Morton’s Gumshoe illuminates the quiet corners of regular life and sorrow.

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