God is in the Cracks

In this new book, God Is In The CracksRobert Sward combines the mediums of poetry and drama as a series of dialogues between a father and a son. The discourse spans a period of 60 years, illuminating the complex development of a father/son relationship within the multifaceted perspective of a young man who is growing up and learning about the world. Filled with creative and unusual characters, the book is very much of a reflection of the author’s life. As he writes in his introduction, “At the heart of God Is In The Cracks is my Talmud-conversant father of Russian-Jewish origin . . . in the late 40s he became a Rosicrucian and practiced his rites secretly in the basement . . . Dad evolved his own blend of kabbalistic, Christian hermetic and prescient New Age mysticism which lent is colours to his medical practice as well as to his view of my eventual career choice and several marriages . . . “


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