After spending much of her teaching career in Ontario, poet Bernice Lever has retired to her native British Columbia where she continues to write. Bernice has worked on several literary magazines, including the award-winning WAVES, which she edited from 1972 – 1987. She also worked for two years in an executive position for the League of Canadian Poets and was awarded its first ever Honorary Lifetime Membership in 2000. Bernice has travelled extensively, giving readings in five continents in countries including Australia, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, and the United States.
Bernie Lever’s, GENERATION is a satirical collection of poetry that questions why ideals change from one generation to the next and why moderation in all things is easier said than done. The underlying question posed by the book is, “What happened to simple things and a simple life?” Lever writes about old age, family and day-to-day challenges. There is underlying hope in all that she writes.

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