Erotic Haiku

If you haven’t picked up your copy of Erotic Haiku: of Skin on Skin yet, then you’re missing out! With over 80 contributors to this collection, there’s something for everyone.

A few poets peeking into the Erotic Haiku Anthology after the Haiku Arbutus meeting, Sunday July 16th. Poets include Dr. Susumu (Sus) Tabata, our oldest Haiku Arbutus member at 92, who composed haiku in an internment camp during the war (we were privileged to see his haiku and the judge’s comments at an earlier meeting), elehna de sousa (from Salt Spring Island, Carole MacRury from Washington, Lynne Jambor from Vancouver, Dan Curtis, Sidney Bending, Susan Mackenzie, and Terry Ann Carter. Missing is Jacquie Pearce (Vancouver) who took the photo.

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