Dog Days

This is not a book of poems about dogs. Granted, there are dogs in all the poems. Some of the dogs play major roles in the poems as protagonists, voices, co-conspirators in human activities and as catalysts for human actions; but the poems are not about dogs.

This is a book of poems about the nature of the soul: what it means, what it longs for, what is praises, what it fears, and what makes it eternal. In Dog Days, I wanted to examine how the soul functions as a shadow of ourselves, the shadow at our heels, that follows us wherever we go and is our best friend, sticking close to us regardless of the perils we face. This is a book of poems about what we want to preserve, what we fight for, and what we value most

… I turn and see

I am not alone; he follows wherever

go, staying close so I can learn

what it is to be loved beyond mortality


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