“Disturbances – Sixteen Voices Telling Stories” Book Launches Thursday, March 20, 2014, 7pm @ MILK!

We’d like to announce the book launch for ‘Disturbances: Sixteen Voices Telling Stories’! Please join us on Thursday, March 20, 2014 at MILK Bar (68 University Ave. W) at 7:00pm. This is a free event and includes a film premiere as well!

Disturbances: Sixteen voices telling stories.

“That’s what you will hear when you open up this little book. Theirs is a chorus that at times may be a little out of sync with one another, but oddly enough, they are bound by a common and underlying theme of darkness. That isn’t to suggest something mournful or negative. In a strange kind of way, it’s comfortable. It’s part of life, isn’t it?

The writers in this book hail from the same generation. Theirs is a vision that turns the imagination to the tangible world of everyday reality, and yanks out of that darkness something vital and authentic. The message that sometimes issues from these voices is certainly disturbing.” Marty Gervais

The authors:

Cole Thompson

Jason Rankin

Samie Bauder

Julianne Lacroix

Jenny Wilson

Lindsey Kiss

Eliane Drijber

Hope Garant

Alex Eden

Kaitlyn Gillard

Kevin Basham

Rachel Wing

Mark Oriet

Katerina Stavridis

Miriah Grondin

Nikki Turner

Other info:

Cover photograph: Jason Rankin

Cover and interior design: Miriah Grondin, Nikki Turner & Jason Rankin

Editing: Samie Bauder, Miriah Grondin & Nikki Turner


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