The Bells That Ring
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The Bells That Ring

Published Date: August 23, 2017

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6 x 9


Many of Lisa Shatzky’s 45 poems in this collection are written in the second person. They address a ‘you’ who might be the reader but who sometimes seems to be the poet talking about herself. This commingling joins reader and poet in a heightened shared experience. In other poems, we meet Shatzky in her first-person self, whom she knows to be two people, one calm, the other volcanic. This complex writer, in her seemingly simple language, shows us how to be aware of magic on a city street, how to struggle against conformity, how to maintain the desire to dance towards the deadline, and how to ring the bells as you go.
-Audrey Grescoe, co-editor of The Book of Love Letters; co-author of Fragments of Paradise; author of Giants: The Colossal Trees of Pacific North America.

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