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Small Acts

Published Date: November 29, 2016

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6 x 9


Small Acts shares Bernice Lever’s mature voice in full swing from ironic love poems via Facebook – to gentle suggestions of how to create peace in our homes and areas – to ironic political rants – to awe of the beauty of our earth that seems in a state of destruction – to fame and wealth addictions.

If I am correct in my suggestion that when we humans seek to find solutions to our greatest problems we often ask the wrong person, we ask the expert on war about peace, we ask usurers about matters of money, we ask the wealthy about poverty, yet we rarely if ever enquire of the poets, the wise elders, the gentle and thoughtful contemplative muses of the tribe. Bernice Lever writes beautifully of water, the ocean, the amniotic mother of all life, of the need for kindness, the deep and abiding life-sustaining quality of love, love of humanity, love for one another, love of our planet, our earth, our hydrobiological future threatened by being careless, indifferent, and thereby behaving like a futureless species. I ask you to read these poems and see here as I see here someone who writes as a warning and as a harbinger of hope. Perhaps poets do not change the world, but they sometimes change the inner life, and in so doing give hope where hope does the most good.

— John B. Lee, Poet Laureate of the city of Brantford in perpetuity Poet Laureate of Norfolk County for life

Bernice Lever has an innovative, avant-garde and unconventional ability to explore complex social media and environmental issues and to weave poems to express them emotionally with astonishing simplicity. Her poetry highlights the intricacies of far fetched ‘facebook-love” and loss of innocence.

— Ashok Bhargava, President, Writers International Network Canada

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