Never A Straight Line




90 Pages


Never A Straight Line tackles a subject that is politically explosive as society grapples with the big question of how generations to come will survive with a world that is only now coming to grips with the slow destruction of the natural world. Into this mix go the stories of families, of urban development, conservation and waste. There’s no room in this book for symbols. Bernice Lever lays it all out on the line for us in a language that is accessible and straightforward. Bernice Lever’s sensuous poetry bridges the gap between nature and human form. Bits and Piece is organic and concrete, otherworldly and existential, hopeful and cynical. Haunting reflections create a feeling of nostalgia amidst a fast-paced and transient urban environment. Lever believes that thought can become clearer and innovative through form and structure. Her poetry is filled with puns and plays on words. Her conversational and idiomatic language is based on vivid images of the five senses, and it is her sensual descriptions that bring to life emotions and experiences. Never A Straight Line explores the connection between natural life and urban development. Pain, cynicism and resentment paradoxically illuminate the global humanexperiences of pleasure, love and awe. Lever’s award-winning poetry is taken to a higher level in this new book as humanity is depicted with simplicity and grace. Lever’s perceptions of the human struggle between the longing to live naturally and the commitment to urban life are astonishingly cohesive and relatable.

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