Day Moon Rising




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Terry Ann Carter was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and moved to Canada in 1965. After earning degrees in English and Music, and a graduate degree in Education, she taught language arts from kindergarden to college. Her first book of poems (Waiting for Julia, Third Eye Press, 1999) chronicled the Chernobyl disaster. Her second collection, Transplanted, was published by Borealis Press, 2006. An international award winning haikuist, Carter partcipated in the Basho Festival, Ueno, Japan, and served Haiku Canada as Vice President for four years. A collection of small poems, such green, (pendas poets, 2005) and road trip: more latte than turquoise from ottawa to santa fe,(counting coup press new mexico) were published in limited hand made editions and exhibited in International Book Art Fairs. In the summer of 2005, Carter was an instructor at the Teachers’ Training Program, Dongzhou International Education Exchange Center, Haimen City, China. Carter was the Random Acts of Poetry poet for Ottawa 2005/2006/2007.

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