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Big Medicine Comes to Erie

Published Date: October 1, 2016

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6 x 9


Big Medicine Comes to Erie is a poetic exploration of modern day Southwestern Ontario from the viewpoint of a Lenni Lenape speaker. Lockhart takes the reader on a journey through time in the first section of his collection. Touching on major events throughout history, the lyric poetry paints a picture of the Delaware peoples’ migration to the region that is today known as southwestern Ontario. Building on this foundation, the poems act as critical touchstones to the past and bring the reader to a more contemporary light in the second section. Lockhart’s poetry mixes the personal with the profound as he presents lyric meditations of moments in the modern world. Using themes like place, the power of naming, and relationships, Lockhart’s thought provoking collection explores where we came from and how it’s influenced who we are today.

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