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At the End of the World

Published Date: April 6, 2021

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6 x 9


Michael Mirolla is a daring and imaginative writer who takes us on journeys to places we haven’t been. “A place with neither inside / nor out. A place that can’t be imagined. / Imagine then what can’t be imagined.” In his new collection At the End of the World, he employs inventive language, erudite allusions, and extraordinary metaphors creating poems as surreal caverns filled with tragedy, beauty, and courage. This book reveals Michael Mirolla at the summit of his poetic power.

-Laurence Hutchman author of Emery, Fire and Water

A good poem keeps its promise to the world, collects the details of transient reality, and reveals them reborn and remade with the prestidigitation of language. Michael Mirolla’s At the End of the World works magic with his haunting voice, his linguistic sleight of hand, and his ability to transform experience into the marvellous. Here is magic and mystery in the hands of a master.

Bruce Meyer

The high-performance pieces in At the End of the World steer a reader off-road – into the cave, the bog, the pool; the “electric marketplace,” “dyslexic day,” the “gunslinger afternoon.” Into the “terror called language.” Michael Mirolla’s poems are philosophical yet conversational; tough, wise, witty and gripping. Ironically romantic. Plato, Zeno, Updike and Pound, Cohen, Woolf, Rilke and Kafka can watch, from the vault, Mirolla glow in his own “added shadows.” I’m blown away and beckoned back – surprised each read by his “magic use of words,” if not fully “safe from both light and darkness.”

Elana Wolff

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