Cover Reveal: How We Fare by Mary Ann Mulhern

Rape. Murder. School shootings. Plane crashes.

These are the events we read in the news every day, but we so often forget about them. In this new collection by Windsor poet Mary Ann Mulhern, poetry is the vehicle used in telling the story of the tragedies and triumphs in a way that ensures that we will pay attention and truly remember these stories. By creating lasting images surrounding these events, Mulhern tells each and every news account in a way that has never been done before.

This powerfully poignant collection of poetry gives a renewed vitality to the news as Mulhern goes beyond the headlines, searching out the true, untold story underneath.

As a celebrated author who is no stranger to shedding light on controversial subject matter, Mulhern breaks poetic boundaries like never before with How We Fare. The book’s cover design reflects this, presenting the central symbol of the dress, which perfectly encompasses the nature of the poetry collection. As it is made out of newspaper, it fits with the idea of Mulhern making something new out of the news, and it ultimately works to symbolize the innocence that stands above the terrible tragedies happening in the world.

Behind every story is another one waiting to be discovered. Thus, you are invited to join Mulhern as she unfolds the headlines to foster a greater awareness and understanding of the world we live in.

How We Fare will be officially launched on April 5, 2016 from 7-10pm at the Water’s Edge Event Centre in Windsor, Ontario. The event, called A Journey Through the Pages, is a triple book launch that will also see the official release of André Narbonne’s Twelve Miles to Midnight and John Wing’s I’ll Be There Soon. To learn more about How We Fare, its process, and Mary Ann Mulhern, follow its publishing team, The Headliners, at

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