You Tell Me

People generously gave me their stories. My duty as a writer was to be like a sponge on the ocean bottom, absorbing these tales, filtering them, embellishing, poeticizing, but keeping the heart of them, then passing them back out. I want these stories to belong to everyone. I want them to resonate. I want a… Read more »

Roger Bell

Roger Bell grew up in Port Elgin, Ontario. He taught secondary school English in Simcoe County for 27 years and lives in Tay Township, within dreaming distance of Georgian Bay. A two-time finalist in the CBC/Tilden/Saturday Night competition, Bell is as storyteller who uses his poetry to write narratives about real life. Bell’s lyrical style… Read more »

When Angels Weep

Mary Ann Mulhern‘s When Angels Weep deals with one of the most damaging and controversial issues facing the Roman Catholic Church and the largest settlement for sexual abuse in Canada’s history. The book tells the stories of four victims of the late Father Charles Sylvestre, who was found guilty of 47 counts of sexual abuse… Read more »

Reading the Water

Water is theme of this latest book of poetry by Laurence Hutchman. The opening poems, written at The Great Mother Conference in Camp Kieve, associate water with art and creativity. Others use a stream as a metaphor for the mind, make family associations and explore the less peaceful aspects of water.

Laurence Hutchman

Laurence Hutchman was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1948. He finished his BA in English in The University of Western Ontario in 1972, received his MA at Concordia University in 1979; and his PhD at the Universite? de Montre?al in 1988. He has taught at a number of universities including Concordia University, the University… Read more »

Orphan’s Waltz

The short stories of Eugene McNamara are warmly, often deeply engaging. They are wry, bittersweet and wise.    – Joyce Carol Oates This is a love story. In this, his first novel, Eugene McNamara tells the story of Jack Kaspar, failed architect, and son of an RAF pilot killed in the Battle of Britain, who spends… Read more »

Eugene McNamara

Eugene McNamara is a profound voice in Canadian Literature. He was born in Oak Park, Illinois and immigrated to Canada in 1959. McNamara attended Northwestern University where he received his Ph.D. He taught American literature and Creative Writing at the University of Windsor, where he is now Professor Emeritus. He was the founder and Editor… Read more »

Where the Night Comes Closest

by Betsy Struthers This collection focuses on the link between landscape and language, place and identity. The poems extend this exploration through the themes of darkness, ignorance, loneliness, the familiar made strange and of how we deal with it in language as the images that haunt us are made tangible in words. Where the Night… Read more »

Swimming in the Dark

In this first book, Ross Belot invokes four essential elements: the vastness of the Canadian landscape, the natural world, longing for another and the religious. These elements are used to develop an arc through the five sections of the book that focuses on the theme of self- exploration. <img class=”alignnone” title=”swimming” alt=”” src=”” width=”500″ height=”500″… Read more »

Missionary Positions

Missionary Positions is a collection of inter-connected short, short stories about a fictitious school called The Daycare Learning Company and interaction of the staff among themselves and with their administrator – Missionary Boss Woman. The writing is witty, entertaining, poignant, perceptive and jarring. Sometimes the stories make the reader shake with laughter. Other times, the… Read more »

Under the Weight of Heaven

The Abbey of Gethsemani is one of the most famous monasteries in the world. In this new Black Moss anthology, poet John B. Lee has pulled together a remarkable collection of writing about the Abbey by authors who have stayed there and by monks who have lived there. Against the backdrop of this writing is… Read more »

When the Red Light Goes On Get Off

Canadian comedian John Wing’s life in comedy has taken him to appearances on the Tonight Show, David Letterman and on stage in Las Vegas as well as comedy clubs and appearances across North America. This is his memoir.


This collection from Peterborough poet Betsy Struthers explores what it is to be living at the beginning of a new century in the middle of an ordinary life – that of a wife, a mother, a woman who works and travels, and reads and remembers. Through the calm contemplation of sensation and experience, these poems… Read more »

Totally Unused Heart

Totally Unused Heart is the first book in the second half of internationally- acclaimed, award-winning Canadian poet John B. Lee’s writing life. As such it brings together poems written over a period of the past two years and includes some of the best to date. As the author observes in an interview, “there is an increasing complexity… Read more »

Leaving Footsteps

This anthology brings together the best poetry by southwestern Ontario women writers. The work includes engaging passages of poetic prose, long poems and short verse, all of which explore the imagination and interest in women’s thoughts, emotions and issues. These are writers who hail from small towns, farms and cities from Toronto south to Windsor…. Read more »

Reading Like a Girl

In Reading Like a Girl, Rishma Dunlop explores themes of immigration, Punjabi Sikh heritage, suburban life in the late 1950s and 1960s, diasporic and hybrid identity, the construction of a life through reading literature, comic book heroes and postcolonial education. The poet creates a lush land- scape of contrasts and paradoxes, scenes that include women in saris… Read more »

The Farm on the Hill He Calls Home

With the publication of John B. Lee’s memoir of growing up on a farm in southwestern Ontario, Black Moss has launched its first title in its Settlements series, This is a series of books where Canadian artists reflect on the land, the neighbourhood and the “place” in their lives; thereby telling the story of this country…. Read more »

Songs of the Wounded: New and Selected Poems

Greg Cook is one of the most prolific poets on the east coast. This Yarmouth- born writer celebrates his long career as a poet with this newest book, Songs of the Wounded: New and Selected Poems. As he will tell you, in a way all poems become love poems, and art, like love, is an act… Read more »

Now that We Know Who We Are

In this first of the First Lines series, a series devoted to writers publishing their first book of poetry, Carlinda D’Alimonte charts the emergence of a writer through memories of growing up in the 1950’s and 60’s as the child of Italian immigrants. She explores many of her parents’ early immigrant expe- riences, probing her mother’s trip… Read more »

Grace Notes

In music, a grace note is an ornament, a very small, unessential part. In Eugene McNamara’s Grace Notes: New and Selected Poems, the grace is large and functional. The poet’s love of music (Part 1), history/literature (Part 2) and family (Part 3) are ultimately saving while his craft throughout is elegant, full of grace. The… Read more »