REVIEW: Keith Inman’s “The War Poems”

We Live Small Lives, review by John B. Lee, Poet Laureate of Brantford, Poet Laureate of Norfolk County   The War Poems by poet Keith Inman is an amazing book.  I have to say it is one of the best books of poems I’ve read in quite some time.  It is brilliant! I think that… Read more »


Congratulations to Debbie Okun Hill, whose poems, “A Simple Notion” and “Ornamental Tractors” won second and third prize (respectively) in the Ontario Poetry Society’s Ultra Short Poem Competition 2014. Special mention goes to Ronnie R. Brown and April Bulmer who also received mention for their poems “After the Fall” (Brown) and “Maris” (Bulmer). Well done,… Read more »

New Year Book Giveaway

We believe the best way to ring in the new year is through great books… And our distributor is having a book giveaway! Follow the link to enter to win one of ten copies of Bruce Meyer’s “Time of the Last Goal.” The contest runs until February 5! Best of luck & happy new year!… Read more »

Lisa Shatzky’s “Blame it on the Moon”

Congratulations to Black Moss Press author Lisa Shatzky. Her work Blame it on the Moon has been shortlisted for the 2014 Acorn-Platos Poetry Award! Curious who the winner might be? They’ll be announcing the winner some time in November! We’ll be sure to follow up.  

Keith Inman and Debbie Okun Hill Poetry Prizes

Congratulations to BMP author Keith Inman who won second prize for the Ascent Aspirations Publishing contest. His poetry, as well as Debbie Okun Hill’s, will appear in this anthology. The theme is “bizarre” and it is set to be released in early fall! Well done to both Keith and Deb!! You can check out the… Read more »

REVIEW: Debbie Okun Hill’s “Tarnished Trophies”

Athletes’ Journey –A Review of Debbie Okun Hill’s “Tarnished Trophies” By Anna Yin I am sitting in the gym of the University of Alberta, watching the 2014 Canadian Table Tennis Games. Between games, I open Debbie Okun Hill’s “Tarnished Trophies”. This is Mrs. Hill’s first collection of poetry. It paints a picture of the athletic… Read more »

Black Moss Press Authors Represent in the Arborealis Prize for Poetry

Congratulations to Black Moss Press authors on their winnings for the Arborealis Prize for Poetry! Way to represent and make us proud! Mention goes to… April Bulmer, who won second prize for her poem “Cleo: Great-With-Child, Montreal” Keith Inman, who received an honorable mention for his poem “Crosscut” Vanessa Shields, who received a Judge’s Choice… Read more »

BOOK REVIEW: John B. Lee’s Burning My Father

Burning My Father Review by: Ronnie R. Brown John B. Lee Black Moss Press, 2014, 87 pp ISBN: 978-0-88753-532-1   How is a great poet created? Well, in the case of John B. Lee, the author of over 50 books; whose work has appeared internationally in over 500 publications; who is the poet laureate of… Read more »

REVIEW: Debbie Hill’s “Tarnished Trophies”

An amazing review was posted on for Debbie Okun Hill’s book Tarnished Trophies. One of the great aspects of literature is that it creates discourse. We welcome all kinds of conversation, and one of the best ways to create it is by leaving reviews for Black Moss Press books on… Here’s the link… Read more »

BOOK REVIEW: Lisa Shatsky’s “Blame It on the Moon”

A lovely review has been written by Bernice Lever, a poet and freelance editor on Bowen Island, BC. The review is expected to be published in David Fraser’s Ascents magazine. Read on….             “Blame It on the Moon”, Lisa Shatzky’s second book, if an exploration of her many philosophical questions about her personal and human… Read more »


CONGRATULATIONS to Black Moss Press author Deb Hill who has been accepted as a member of both The League of Canadian Poets and The Writers’ Union of Canada! So much to be proud of!

Editing and Publishing Practicum Students Donate to Raise-A-Reader

Congratulations to Marty Gervais and the University of Windsor’s Editing and Publishing practicums for being recognized for their efforts in donating $1000 for Postmedia’s Raise-a-Reader Day, a campaign that aspires to raise funds for literacy. Well done!   To read about and watch a video on how great these students are:

Hugh MacDonald’s “Cold Against the Heart” Chosen to Celebrate The Charlottetown Conference

Congratulations to Black Moss Press author Hugh MacDonald, whose book of poetry Cold Against the Heart was chosen to help celebrate 150th anniversary of the Charlottetown Conference, which led to Canada’s birth.   MacDonald’s book was chosen as part of the P.E.I. Public Library’s yearly promotion celebrating authors originating in P.E.I. Usually known as One… Read more »

Book Review: I Am That Woman

 Anne Burke, Chair of the Feminist Caucus, League of Canadian Poets gave her time to review Vanessa Shields‘ First Lines book of poetry ‘I Am That Woman‘. Thank you Anne! Review of I am That Woman, by Vanessa Shields (Windsor, On: Black Moss Press, 2013) 64 pp. paper Here is title number nine in Books… Read more »