Poems for the Pornographer’s Daughter

This is a beautiful book–lyrical, subtle, delicate, profound–that there is nothing anywhere the least bit lascivious or salacious or voyeuristic or titillating or scurilous or likely to offend. There is nothing doubtful, nothing that I even feel I should ask a friend a second opinion on. This book hardly ever enters the territory of dark… Read more »

Until The Light Bends

by Susan McMaster “The autobiography of this piece draws on my experiences with a friend’s mother’s death from old age, a friend’s death on the operating table and another’s from cancer, the almost-death of one of my children (who recovered), the serious, long-term illness of a sister, and of another friend. It also comes from a kind… Read more »

States of Matter

Seldom can a book of poetry be called a page-turner, but Brown’s States of Matter contains absorbing micro-novels, enticing you with situations that could be yours or a friend’s. – Canadian Bookseller In less than a page, she creates an entire scene story, overwhelming in its texture and deeply reverberating in terms of subject matter…. Read more »

Footsteps on the Water

George Whipple is a British Columbia poet, a blue collar philosopher, who challenges us with questions that on the surface seem simple and straightforward, but are far more complex when you push on into the poems. In the background to his philosophical soul searching are the ordinary people and places that inhabit his poetry. Whipple’s… Read more »

Invoking the Moon

“Voluptuous, luscious, fertile . . . Fertig’s mastery of the metaphor is breathtaking”. . . Vancouver Sun Invoking The Moon traces 20 years of Mona Fertig’s verse. From the founder of the famous (m)OTHER TONGUE press on Salt Spring Island where she now lives, we are presented with the fluid poetry that has its roots in… Read more »

Wresting the Grace of the World

“a graceful new book… meant to chronicle a life’s journey…” — Niagara Falls Review “Flecked and mottled by love light, her poems interfuse stories of anguish and acceptance in a storm-calmed life.” — J. S. Porter, Hammered The poems in Eva Tihanyi’s fifth collection are about trying to find grace in the world of everyday… Read more »

Where it Began

After finishing this manuscript a year ago, Sharon Drummond passed away in Calgary. What she has left behind is a book that cuts to the bone. It is about memory and illness and rising above this. She speaks of battling diabetes and how she learned “to listen well/to the sound of sugar/march through (her) veins.”… Read more »

The Red Madonna

The poems in this collection are about questing, plumbing the depths of one’s own soul and finding out what clicks, what works, what the future might be if all the elements fall into place. As Joyce says: “The thing about quests is that you never go on one alone. There are those you meet along… Read more »

Dianne Joyce

Born in Yorkshire, Dianne has lived both in western and eastern Canada. She is an educator, a graduate writer from the University of Windsor’s Creative Writing program, and has been a participant of the Banff Centre and the Humber School in Toronto. Dianne also teaches yoga and offers writing workshops. She creates a safe environment… Read more »

John B. Lee

John B. Lee is the author of over fifty published books and the recipient of over seventy prestigious awards for poetry including being the only two-time winner of the People’s Poetry Award. In 2010 he received the Award of Merit for Professional Achievement from the University of Western Ontario. Named Poet Laureate of Brantford in… Read more »


In Relay: Short Fictions, Betsy Struthers turns her poetic gaze on personal stories of joy and woe and how they overlap with others in ways we never imagine. Set in a bar in the shadow hour between work and dinner, the collection begins with The Romantic (who’s looking for love) as he unknowingly passes the… Read more »

Sleeping With Satan

by Mary Ann Mulhern From June through October, 1692, in Salem, Massachusetts, 150 people were charged and 19 were convicted of witchcraft and hanged on Gallow’s Hill for refusing to plead guilty. Most of those condemned to death, were women. This is a tragedy of religious hysteria, superstition, and teen -age angst , a powerful… Read more »

Dog Days

This is not a book of poems about dogs. Granted, there are dogs in all the poems. Some of the dogs play major roles in the poems as protagonists, voices, co-conspirators in human activities and as catalysts for human actions; but the poems are not about dogs. This is a book of poems about the… Read more »