Black Moss Press in the News

The following are two links to the University of Windsor’s newspaper The Lance. The first article details the recent events at Poetry at the Manor Vol 3, click here to read more.

The second article deals with the class that Black Moss Press owner Marty Gervais runs at the University of Windsor. The class itself is one-of-a-kind, spanning two semesters it gives students the hands-on experience of every facet of publishing as they turn a manuscript into a book. Past works that have been published in these classes include Vanessa Shields’ Laughing Through a Second Pregnancy, Roger Bell’s Candy Cigarettes, Mary Ann Mulhern’s Red Dress, and Kate Hargreaves’ Talking Derby. To view The Lance’s coverage on the launch of Sielines by Peter Hrastovec, Gillian Cott’s Make Me, Remake Me, and Sunday With the Tigers: Eleven ways to Watch the Game edited by Dale Jacobs, click here.

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