Barry Brodie 2017 Title Reveal

The Black Moss team (known as Threshold Publishing) working on Barry Brodie’s new book would like to share the title that they’ve been working so hard on. Keep checking back for more details and exclusive blog posts as we get closer to the launch date!

Threshold Publishing is excited to finally announce the title for our book! With much deliberation and consulting, we have decided on the title:


On the Threshold of Magic

This title speaks to what the book will narrate and what journey the readers will be traveling through. The book is situated around Barry Brodie’s creation of the touring play The Threshold of Magic, and so it was important to incorporate Tom Thomson (the focus of the play), the play itself, and the idea of a journey. Not only is Barry on a journey of creation, much like Thomson’s painting process, but Thomson is also on a journey through the afterlife. Readers will go on a journey themselves to discover Barry’s and Thomson’s destiny, and to question their own legacy.

When our publishing team received the original manuscript, Barry had made it clear that he wanted the title of the book to remain the same as the title for his play. However, we didn’t want there to be confusion between the book and the play as the book is more of an anthology that includes the play. Also, we didn’t feel that The Threshold of Magic covered all of the themes of the book. Death is one aspect of the play, but death makes life far more important. This book focuses on the legacy and the life of Thomson and Barry, and we feel this title covers those aspects far better. We were able to incorporate Barry’s idea for a title with other features to clarify the nature of the book, and Barry was immediately content with our suggestion.

Marty Gervais was a key contributor to the title, as well. He felt that, although the book covers a lot of different themes, Tom Thomson is the central figure. This iconic Canadian painter not only grounds the book into the idea of Canadian legacy, but Thomson is also going to be extremely recognizable in the sesquicentennial year of Canada’s birth, which is also the year we will be publishing the book. Tom Thomson not only explains who, but also what the book is about.

We hope you are as excited about the title as we are and we hope you continue to follow us on our journey through this threshold of magic.

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