Ronnie R. Brown

Ronnie R. Brown was born in Brockton, Massachusetts, on November 8, 1946. She moved to Canada in 1969 and has lived in Montreal and Ottawa. She holds a B.A. and M.A. from Concordia University, where she taught from 1978 to 1984. She now teaches Creative Writing at Carleton University, and produces and co-hosts the FM… Read more »

Ronnie Brown

Born in Massachusetts, Ronnie Brown has spent most of her adult life in Canada, living first in Montreal and then in Ottawa, where she now resides with her husband and son. Ronnie earned both her B.A. and M.A. (in Creative Writing) from Montreal’s Concordia University, where she was awarded both the Board of Governors’ and… Read more »

Look At Her Review

It is my pleasure to share with you a glowing review by Ronnie R. Brown of Vanessa Shields’ Look At Her, now in its second print run. Follow the link to Vanessa’s website to read all about it: link. Congratulations Vanessa!


Congratulations to Debbie Okun Hill, whose poems, “A Simple Notion” and “Ornamental Tractors” won second and third prize (respectively) in the Ontario Poetry Society’s Ultra Short Poem Competition 2014. Special mention goes to Ronnie R. Brown and April Bulmer who also received mention for their poems “After the Fall” (Brown) and “Maris” (Bulmer). Well done,… Read more »

BOOK REVIEW: John B. Lee’s Burning My Father

Burning My Father Review by: Ronnie R. Brown John B. Lee Black Moss Press, 2014, 87 pp ISBN: 978-0-88753-532-1   How is a great poet created? Well, in the case of John B. Lee, the author of over 50 books; whose work has appeared internationally in over 500 publications; who is the poet laureate of… Read more »


Here is a list of our many talented authors. We are working on adding links to their Black Moss Press published books for you to purchase. Akpata, Michael Badaoa, Samantha Beaudoin, Penny-Anne Beissel, Henry Bell, Roger Blomer, Yvonne Brodie, Barry Brown, Ronnie R. Bulmer, April Carter, Terry Ann Cook, Greg Cott, Gillian D’Alimonte, Carlinda Dabydeen,… Read more »

Larger Than Life

Celebrity! It’s “when we clamber upwards in men’s eyes/up on the lacquered rungs of praise” according to Roger Nash. But it implies perhaps inevitable downward slide from the heights as symbolized by Priscila Uppal’s The Empty Frame. Barry Dempster holds on to an eternally luminous Marilyn Monroe, “a polaroid of a peach,/her hair a perfect cloud”… Read more »

Rocking on the Edge

We live in edgy times, and Ronnie R. Brown’s newest poetry collection, Rocking on the Edge, looks at every-day people teetering on the brink. Using her trademark style of micro-fictional poetry, Brown chronicles the sad realizations of an exotic dancer who knows she’s “polished that silver pole a little too long,” as well as offering… Read more »

States of Matter

Seldom can a book of poetry be called a page-turner, but Brown’s States of Matter contains absorbing micro-novels, enticing you with situations that could be yours or a friend’s. – Canadian Bookseller In less than a page, she creates an entire scene story, overwhelming in its texture and deeply reverberating in terms of subject matter…. Read more »