1967: Centennial Year Cover Reveal

The 67s Editing Team, under Black Moss Press, is happy to reveal the cover of Bruce Meyer’s upcoming work, 1967: Centennial Year.

The main title, 1967, is the most prominent aspect of the cover because it is the focus and selling point of the book. “1967” is also featured in a number of the poem titles, connecting the cover with the content of the book. The cover shows the title year in the same font used for the Expo 67 logo during Centennial celebrations. It is supported by a font called New Gothic Bold, which was popular during the mid-1960s. We wanted the cover to have a strong connection to the year 1967, and we feel that these fonts strengthen the bond between the cover and the events and themes within the book. We pulled the colours for the title numbers from the Centennial Year flag; these colours move from cool to warm, similar to the subtle shift between seasons throughout the book. We chose a clean, white background to contrast the coloured font and enhance the minimalist aesthetic of the cover design.

Reaching this final cover design came with a lot of challenges. We began with little experience in the way of design, a vague idea for a collage, and an overwhelming amount of red, black, and white. Our original idea to use the Centennial Year logo, a geometric leaf composed of triangles, fell through due to complications with copyright laws. We wanted to use a collage to evoke nostalgia, since that is a major selling point of the book; however, because the majority of us are millennials and did not personally experience 1967, we were overcompensating and the result was unfocused and scattered. In addition, another of Bruce’s books was recently released (Portraits of Canadian Authors, published by The Porcupine’s Quill) which features a collage on the cover, and since that book will be promoted more or less at the same time as ours, we wanted 1967 to be distinct. In the end we realised that it’s often the small details, like the font and colours, which have the strongest sense of nostalgia. We feel that the minimalism of the current cover is the perfect approach to attract readership from as wide a demographic as possible.

Bruce once told us that Canadian identity is a question that he hopes we never answer. Our final cover doesn’t limit us to one age group, or to one story. Instead, we leave it open to the reader to decide what Canadian identity means to them.

So: what does being Canadian mean to you?

1967 Centennial Year will be released on Thursday April 6 at the Caboto Club. The event called “Experiencing 150” (honouring Canada’s Sesquicentennial Year) is a double book launch, also seeing the official release of Barry Brodie’s TOM THOMPSON On the Threshold of Magic.

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